If you show up to the party, say something. Giving the brand's Instagram an overhaul, we hit the drawing board and found out that makers really love humorous posts about awesome projects & the tools that made them. Hello, 20k+ new followers.

"Father Figures" — Digital Content

Enough mugs. No more ties. For Father's Day, we gave Dad a loudspeaker to tell his favorite story, however exaggerated, because today it's his day. And on his day, we sit back and listen. And we question. But we mostly listen.

Father Figures pre-roll video was recognized as the Ad of the Week by Drum Marketing as well as a weekly feature on Creativity Online and Advertolog.



Craftsman Club Blog
A project doesn't stop when you put the tools away. So, Craftsman Club was born. From inspiration to a little history & even how to best enjoy all the beers in a parking lot full of sports fans, we had everything that has to do with inside the shop, on lock outside the shop.